Version 0.9 released   2007-10-13 09:52 - Wechselspieler
Probably the best release so far. It fixes some GUI bugs concerning the start of video input and more importingly one that relates to the proper display of the selected regions and many more
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Version 0.8.2 released   2007-08-30 13:07 - Wechselspieler
It is a long time since the last update. This release features some updates related to Debian Etch compatibility, some fixes and minor changes in the GUI and general code cleanup as always. Please test it and report your results.
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Version 0.8.1 released   2006-02-13 11:42 - Wechselspieler
The last release introduced some bugs. The Video4Linux input selection didn't work and the automatich rasterisation of the video input area was broken.

This is fixed now.
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Version 0.8 released   2006-01-31 09:32 - Wechselspieler
This release feature two main improvments. Firstly, the MIDI output is selectable now. Since now the Alsa MIDI client id was hardcoded, so MIDI did probably not work on machines which do not have a Soundblaster or similar card. Also it is possible now to choose teh device to you use, if your machine has more than one (e.g. a USB device).
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Wechselspieler 0.7.2 is released   2005-12-16 06:59 - Wechselspieler
This new release fixes a single bug, which resulted in a program crash, when some dialogs were opened.
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Wechselspieler is an interactive tool to transform movement information coming from a file or camera based video stream into sound in realtime using the MIDI protocol. It features an easy to use GUI for defining and editing the image region to MIDI mappings.

The original idea behind it was to let people on a dance floor influence the music they are dancing to. The German name Wechselspieler, which could be translated to Interplayer, was chosen to express this idea.

The software is "free" under the terms of the GNU general public license Version 2.


Currently wechselspieler does not implement all of the features listed below which are planned for the 1.0 release.
  • Runs on GNU/Linux.
  • Video image binarisation with color thresholds and difference images.
  • Multi object video tracking.
  • Video input from S-Video, Composite, TV, local and remote file streams.
  • MIDI protocol output via "Note On/Off" and "Controller Change" events. All MIDI parameters can be customized.
  • Control of all parameters for trigger regions and image binarisation while program is active.
  • Flexible image processing customizing through the GStreamer media processing framework.
  • Session management support. On start up the program automatically restores the state before you last quitted it.
  • Graphical user interface compliant to the GNOME user interface guidelines.
  • Binary packages for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 distribution.
  • OSC protocol support for integration with PD, SuperCollider 3, Max/MSP and others.


Although there are definitly places for improvements (better region editing, selectable ALSA input, changeable video size, to name a few) the software does what is it supposed to do: grabbing images from video, analysing it in realtime for changes and sending MIDI events if a change occured in a certain place in the image. What it needs most is testing by other users on different hardware and different Linux distributions.

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