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Screenshots and work samples

Since the Gnome screenshot utility can not grab the content of overlay buffers only one screenshot for first. You have to imagine a video image instead of the blue box on the left. The screenshot gives an impression of the main GUI elements in version 0.1 of wechselspieler:

Fig. 1: The main GUI elements. Main window (top), binarisation dialog (botton left), region/trigger preferences for the first region, selected in main window (botton right).

Fig. 2: The main window with configuration dialogs for each region grouped around it, as in version 0.4.

Those who are curious about what Wechselspieler is good for, a Quicktime movie (5.2MB) gives an impression of what can be done with the software. Although it is artistically not that sophisticated it shows the key point of wechselspieler: Generating sound from video. In this case, the waves of the ocean play a simple tune.


Download and installation instructions

Currently Wechselspieler is available only as tar.gz Source archive and Debian package at sourceforge.net . The Debian package can also be installed from T. Kulessa's APT repository. Check the Resources section on his hompage to read how you can access it. If you want to contribute to the development, or just the absolutly latest, but untested source, check out the instructions, how to access the CVS.

To install wechselspieler from source code follow these steps:

  1. Download the file wechselspieler-<Version>.tar.gz to a directory of your choice. <Version> is the release number e.g. 0.6.
  2. Open the Terminal program (On the Gnome desktop you can find under the "Applications/System Tools" menu).
  3. Change to the directory where you downloaded the archiv by typing cd <directoryname> on the prompt and hitting the Return key. <directoryname> is the name of the directory.
  4. Extract the archive by typing tar xzf wechselspieler-<Version>.tar.gz.
  5. Change to the freshly created directory.
  6. Type ./configure && make to configure and compile the package for your system. If the configure process exists with an error saying that a package is missing, make sure that all required dependencies are fullfilled.
  7. If the build process didn't fail, wechselspieler is ready to install. Do this by executing su -c "make install". You will be asked for the root password. Enter it.
  8. The software should now installed under the /usr/local/ directory.
  9. Type gst-register-0.8 --gst-plugin-path=/usr/local/lib/gstreamer-0.8.
  10. Executing /usr/local/bin/wechselspieler should start the program.

Build dependencies

To be able to compile and run wechselspieler on your computer the following software has to be installed on your machine:

gtkmm 2.4.x, the C++ bindings for the GTK+ toolkit.
libxml++ 1.0.x, the C++ bindings for the libxml XML library.
gstreamer 0.8.x, a media processing framework.
libglademm 2.4, C++ for the libglade GUI library.
liblo, support for the OpenSoundControl (OSC) protocol.
ALSA kernel modules, they are part of the Linux kernel 2.6.x and above.

About the Authors

Thomas Kule▀a, is computer scientist and works camera based user interfaces, especially in the the context of media art for years. Check his homepage for more details.


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